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Victory Funding Bringing your dreams to life.

Helping you find the loan that best suits your needs

Welcome to Victory Funding

At Victory Funding we can Finance Anything Attached to Dirt, so we can help you purchase or refinance your first home, or your 10th home with a VA, FHA, USDA, or
conventional loan.

We can always help with a commercial loan whether you are an investor buying investment property or you are purchasing a new retail location we're here to help!


Victory Funding offers private financing as well, so if you're flipping a home, if you want to build your home yourself and act as your own general contractor, or borrow money
for vacant land or a full construction build, we have you covered.

We Can Help

This is our Process

At Victory Funding our process is very important to you, so let's break it down.


The first step is an initial conversation, where we will find out what your future goals are and your present goals for this transaction. That's going to help us find the right product for you every time.

Next, we move to the application. During the application process, we gather all of the basic information we need to process your loan through the end of the transaction. Next is a pre-qualification. Obviously, if it's a refinance this part doesn't pertain. If you're shopping for a home we're going to pull and review your credit, using a “soft pull” so it does not affect your credit score, and review the information you left on your application to help determine how much house you can buy what you're pre-qualified for.

Next is home shopping. Once you've been pre-qualified you're going to go out and look for a house with your Realtor. This is the fun part in the beginning, though it can sometimes feel like dating and may not be all that much fun. Eventually, you're going to find the house that you love. Once you find that home you and your realtor are going to send us a copy of the contract,
and then we're going to start with step five,


Gathering the documentation. This is where you, the borrower, play a vital role in the process. The more meticulous you can be to help us get the correct documentation quickly, the faster your loan is going to proceed. Once we have the documentation, it gets submitted to a lender and we start processing your
loan. All that means is the lender is going to give us an approval and we're going to make sure we meet all of the criteria the lender throws at us, including some additional documentation if necessary; maybe some letters of explanation, or an additional bank statement, whatever they need to close your loan. During this phase is when people can get frustrated, since they can’t see the progress behind the scenes. The time can drag on a little bit we try to make that process is as quick as possible and, most importantly, we keep you, and everybody in the
transaction, informed on the progress.


Finally, once we get your loan all processed and receive the Clear to Close, we’ll help coordinate your closing. At the closing you, your attorney, and frequently the lenders attorney and the seller and the seller’s attorney are all at the table and everybody signs all the legal required documents. At the end of that transaction, in New York State, you own the property! In many states they do it a little bit differently but in New York we do what's called an attorney
closing, so everybody's at the table, and when we're done, there's no more waiting. You get the keys. You can literally move in that minute.


So that's our process we look forward to working with you please call us and we will help you get started!

Para un representante que hable español, comuníquese con: o llame al 518-899-7700 y pregunte por Ron.

Buying an apartment

Our Offerings

We offer Conventional Mortgages, Government backed mortgage products through FHA, VA and USDA, HECM Reverse Mortgages, and a host of portfolio products to meet your needs.  We also offer Mortgages on investment property and commercial property through our vast network of lenders.  Contact Victory Funding to find out more about the products and services we provide. 

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